Agnessa H․

The interview took place in October, 2019

Agnessa was born in 1933 in the village of Aghabekalinj (Mokhratagh) in the family of a worker. Her father was the village storekeeper and her mother worked in the cotton fields. They had one of the prosperous families in the village before 1941 when her father died in the WWII. Her mother had a heart attack short after receiving the black paper and died. Her needy grandmother had to take care of the three orphans. Agnessa was the youngest child. She received her primary education in the village and moved to Martakert’s secondary school after Temik Avtandilyan. She entered the agricultural college in Stepanakert after graduation but she did not graduate from the college as she went back to the village. Agnessa was redirected to an accounting school in Stepanakert in 1952 and was appointed the chief accountant of Martakert’s collective farm afterwards. Agnessa was appointed the head of Human Resource department of the Mixed Trade Union in 1956 and worked there till 1968. In parallel, she received a teacher’s qualification in Baku.

She married in 1955 and divorced soon without having any children. She was appointed the director of Martakert Regional Pioneer House in 1968. Agnessa got married for the second time after working for 20 years and moved to Stepanakert. She worked there as a head of the General Department in the Civil Court until 1995. Thereafter, she worked in the State Dance Ensemble as a chief accountant.

She received a single-room apartment when she worked for the court. She has been living there since then. That was the period when she got married for the second time. They were very happy together although they did not have any children. Her husband had a daughter from his previous marriage who was living happily with them. She got married and had three children. Regrettably, her happiness did not last long; she died right in front of her children because of bombing.

Agnessa experienced both sides of the coin, she saw grief and happiness. Her fiftieth anniversary was the happiest moment in her life, a celebration organized by her husband Amirbar. Her husband’s sixtieth anniversary was her second favorite moment.

She retired in 2004 because of health problems. She has been bedridden since 2006 and suffers from diabetes, hypertension, varicose veins and arthritis.

Agnessa joined Hanganak from the day of foundation. “I have started surviving due to this organization”, says Agnessa.

She rarely visits the state polyclinic and receives only antidiabetic drug Glyukovans 500 mg N60, while the rest of the medicine she gets from Hanganak: Noliprel Forte N30, Cardiomagnyl 75 mg N30, Senadexin N30, Detralex 500 mg N30. The food received from Hanganak is sufficient for the whole month. Agnessa does not take part in the events because of her health problems but she receives the tastiest things from celebrations.

Her monthly pension is 58,000 AMD and she manages all alone without getting any help from relatives.

Agnessa is very grateful to all the benefactors. The beneficiaries can survive with the food, medicine and heat compensation thanks to them. Heat compensation is of great help although she would be glad to get more money as the winter is cold. She is very thankful to Ms. Gohar Hovhannisyan in particular that solves all the problems to support the beneficiaries. She is very grateful to her nurse Elza Nersisyan as well as her social worker Esmira Gasparyan for permanent help and care, and the whole Hanganak team.