Aida Sh.

The interview took place in September, 2019

 Shiganyan Aida was born on August 21st, 1937 in the town of Khashuri, Georgia. Aida was just four years old when the WWII commenced. Her father was drafted to the army and died there. Aida’s mother died from tuberculosis. According to the law, Aida should had been taken to an orphanage but her grandfather and step-grandmother took on her guardianship and she moved to Batumi. Aida received an eight-grade education in Batumi and left for Yerevan to study at the pedagogical college. She returned to Batumi after graduation and started working as a teacher at one of the regional schools. However, she changed her job several years later unable to overcome some obstacles and began working in a factory.

Aida’s personal life was not successful in spite of her numerous followers.

Aida desired to come to Artsakh and take part in Artsakh liberation movement because of her blood ties as her grandfather’s ancestors came from Artsakh. She managed to move to Stepanakert in 1992 after Shushi’s liberation when Armenia-to-Artsakh road was opened. She sold the apartment she had inherited from her grandfather and bought a single-room apartment in Stepanakert.

Aida has been Hanganak’s beneficiary since 2012. She used to take part in all Hanganak’s events. She considers Hanganak her home because she has not had any relatives in Artsakh. She has not been going out for several months. Aida is in good physical health and has never taken any medicine, however she suffers from senile dementia. Her nurse Donara Mnatsakanyan backs her up day and night.

Her pension is 51,000 AMD. The monthly food provision is sufficient for her. She uses electrical heaters in winter and pays the bill with the heating compensation money.

She is very pleased both with the benefactors and Hanganak’s team.