Alvina P.

The interview took place in April 2019.

Alvina was born in 1955 in Stepanakert in a humble family. Her father was a store keeper in a construction company and her mother was a cook. There were six children in the family: two sons and four daughters, Alvina was the youngest child and all of them were surrounded with love and care.

Alvina went to school N2 and finished school in 1973. She did not go for further education. She got a job as a secretary in the municipality two years later and worked there until 2005. She does not have almost any relatives; she has a lot of friends instead.

Her childhood was full of happiness and joy in her paternal house. She has not got married but she has plenty of unforgettable memories related to her professional activity.

She heard about Hanganak from an Artsakh National TV broadcast that was hosting the director of the organization Gohar Hovhannisyan. She immediately applied to the organization and got registered. Some time later she joined the organization as a beneficiary.

She lives in her paternal house that needs renovation. She heats only a room because of the size of the house as it would be very expensive to heat the whole house. She uses a gas heater. There is no hot water available but she managed to arrange everything to her comfort in a single room. Heat compensation is not sufficient to pay for the heating so she saves from her pension to cover the bill.

Alvina’s health condition is average, she suffers from hypertension. She used to visit the state polyclinic quite often but she stopped doing that when she joined Hanganak in 2017. She receives her medicine and medical assistance from the organization. Hanganak provides Konkor 5 mg N25, Cardiomagnyl 75 mg N30, Enalapryl 20 mg, N30.

“My nurse, Donara Mnatsakanyan is very caring, intelligent and friendly. She is a very patient interlocutor and attentive nurse. Donara measures my blood pressure, brings the medicine. I am very grateful for her care”,- she says.

Alvina is surrounded by friends who make her days brighter. She often visits the organization to talk and unwind. She is fond of interesting pastime although she never visits corporate events. Alvina prefers quiet environments with one or two interlocutors. She likes telling about her participation in zhengyalov hats event. She likes people and people like her. She considers herself an active person but not in every environment. She does not like complaining or grizzling. She is satisfied with what she has.

“Let Hanganak’s activity be continuous because a lot of people are in need of this care. I am grateful to all the benefactors who take care of us. Let them be healthy, successful and blessed”, says Alvina.