Another Psychological Group Session Ended with a Tea Party

Today has been the fourth psychological group session in June. All the previous meetings were dedicated to the topic of blockade. This time the psychologist has proposed to discuss the following question: comparing your feelings in December – at the beginning of the blockade, and today, after more than 6 months, how have your perceptions and feelings changed, how would you describe yourself in December and today? It has been an unexpected question and the participants asked for time to think about it. Then  heated discussions have begun. As a result of their reflections, the participants have made interesting discoveries for them, and have found out things they haven’t thought about. And, surprisingly, they have been right in assessing the situation and themselves as part of reality.

At the end of the discussion, the participants have once again voiced the idea that they can no longer influence the ongoing political and military developments and should focus on their daily lives, trying to find solutions to various minor everyday issues. They have shared what jams and preserves they had made. Mrs Sinam proudly took out a jar of walnut preserve and asked for tea to treat all the participants to her freshly made preserve. So, this is how today’s psychological session has ended with such a tea party.