Anya A.

The interview took place in August 2018.

Anya A. was born in 1950 in the village Janyatagh, Martakert region. She went to primary school in the village, then she moved to Kirovabad to help her brother’s family and received her secondary education.

In 1966 she moved to Stepanakert and entered Stepanakert Agricultural college, department of accounting. She got married at the age of 26, her first child died. Because of some family problems, she took her second child and left her husband.

In 1982, she got married for the second time. However, she had a streak of bad luck. First her husband died, in 2012 her son died. Her son Erik, who died, was her only support. At present, she is living with her daughter-in-law and her only grandchild.

She receives a pension of 54000 AMD that is not enough for living.

She was told about Hanganak in 2013 and joined the organization immediately. It completely changed her life.

She considers her health condition bad enough because of the problems with joints. She can hardly afford the medicine. Hanganak NGO assists. She owns a house that is heated mainly with wood. Her in-laws provide her with the wood.

She wishes increase in pensions and peace to the Artsakh world.

“I am very grateful to Hanganak. God save all the benefactors for their patriotism. It’s a real help and salvation…”, – she says.