Arfenya M.

The interview took place in March 2019.

Arfenya was born in the village of Tegh, Goris region, in the family of a worker. She was the first of five children. She went to the local school. After the graduation of the eighth grade she started working in the village to support her family. In 1949 she married a local guy and gave birth to her eldest son, Valery, and her second son Vitaly in 1951. They moved to Stepanakert in 1952 in search of some work and started working for Karabakh Silk Factory as workers. They moved to the Shoe making factory later on and worked there until 1988. She became a housewife afterwards, while her husband was taking private orders.

They were happy together; the boys were well-mannered, sociable and respectful with average aptitude. They studied at school N1 after Khachatur Abovyan and had secondary education. Arfenya proposed a girl to Valery and following his mother’s advice Valery married the girl before the army service. They had a huge festive wedding celebration that is still alive in her memory. They were very happy. Valery had three children: two girls and a boy. The birth of grandchildren completed the happiness of the family. Life seemed to be wonderful; however, Valery’s death in an accident changed everything.

Arfenya’s younger son, Vitaly created his own family and had two girls and a boy. Vitaly was an active participant in the Artsakh Independence war. After the cease fire agreement was assigned he started working as a bill collector and transporting the money received from the realization of fuel to Yerevan. In 1999 his car was attacked on the way to Yerevan and robbed. Valery was killed by the robbers. Unable to bear the grief of the loss, Arfenya’s husband died the same year. Arfenya cannot explain how her son could survive in the severe war but eventually he was killed by an Armenian…

Arfenya joined Hanganak from the very first day. She now lives with her daughter-in-law. She always speaks about her with delight. Her grandchildren moved to Russia and now live and work in the Russian Federation.

They heat the house with wood. Hanganak’s heating compensation helps a lot, although it is not sufficient for a big house. In addition, food provisions are sufficient for the whole month. Her health condition is below the average. She has high blood pressure and receives some medicine from Hanganak like Triplixam 10/2.5/10 N20 and Cardiomagnyl 75 N30.

Arfenya does not attend the polyclinic. She consults Hanganak’s doctor. Her nurse, Donara Mnatsakanyan is very caring and friendly. Donara visits her very often, measures her blood pressure and provides medication. She is her best panacea for old wounds.

“I am very pleased with tikin Gohar also. Thanks to her, I and four other beneficiaries had eye surgeries in Qashatagh by leading Armenian doctors. I have had good sight since then and I am very grateful” she says.

“I am very thankful to all our benefactors and to Hanganak’s team that do everything to ease our life”.