AWWA-ANRC/Hanganak NGO online meeting dedicated to financial issues and 2022 plans took place

On January 19, 2022 the first meeting of the financial group of AWWA-ANRC/Hanganak NGO took place. Earlier on Janury 7th, 2022 AWWA-ANRC/Hanganak NGO Task Force Meeting on Zoom platform took place and shed light to a number of current issues, including the frequency and schedule of the meetings. Thus, it was decided that the meetings of the financial group will be held once a month, on the third Wednesday of each month.

The first meeting of the financial group took place according to the planned schedule. The presented budget for the current year, as well as the distribution of grants received from the Aurora and Columbus foundations were discussed. Challenges related to inflation of medicines and food, other possible ways of providing beneficiaries with medicines and medical supplies were also discussed.

In respect with the grant received from the Aurora Foundation, the possibility of implementing the Elderly Program in Martuni and Martakert regions was presented. These programs have become more realistic after the latest developments.

The group decided to continue the trainings of Hanganak staff in 2022, too. In addition, courses will be arranged with FAR that will be fully covered by FAR according to the preliminary agreement.

It was suggested to review the budget presented in 2021 in the face of new challenges. The final budget will be discussed and approved by the AWWA Board by the next scheduled meeting on February 16.