AWWA/Hanganak NGO Regular Monthly Task Force Meeting

On August 19, a regular AWWA/Hanganak NGO task force meeting was held via Zoom. The meeting was chaired by Margaret Kiladjian, an AWWA Board member. The monthly task force meetings have become an important part of Hanganak NGO/AWWA cooperation. Although Margaret Kiladjian is in constant contact with the staff of Hanganak, these meetings are very important for making joint decisions, especially when urgent issues arise that require immediate solutions. This meeting was very important in terms of making a weighty joint decision.

The amount allocated for the third quarter was transferred via the SWIFT system to the Artsakhbank account of Hanganak NGO more than a month and a half ago, and never reached the addressee. This situation caused problems in the implementation of the Program for the Elderly, questions were raised to both organizations at the same time, whether to continue cooperating with the same bank or to open a new account in another international bank, how to make the transfers, what systems to use and what guarantees we can have to avoid similar situations in the future. Many discussions were held before the meeting, the banking system operating in the Republic of Armenia was studied, and specialist recommendations were taken into consideration. Finally, the following important issues were discussed at the meeting:

  1. To what extent is it advisable to open a new bank account?
  2. How to ensure the implementation of the Elderly Program in the current situation,
  3. How to find a temporary solution,
  4. What other financing options are available?

These issues were discussed with each member of the group and the proposed solutions were justified and agreed upon. It was decided that Margaret Kiladjian would prepare the report of the meeting. The report will then be discussed at the session of the AWWA board meeting, which will take place the coming Wednesday. It was happily noted that JoAnn Janjigian, a permanent member of the group, previously the chairperson of the Board of the AWWA, was also elected a member of the board.

Other current issues were also discussed.