AWWA/ Hanganak NGO regular monthly Task Force meeting

On July 22, another task force meeting between AWWA/Hanganak NGO was held on the Zoom platform. The meeting was chaired by Margaret Kiladjian, an AWWA board member. She proposed inviting psychologist Lilit Muradyan to the meeting, who is the program coordinator of the Association of Healthcare and Assistance to Older People. Within the framework of her visit, Margaret Kiladjian had a meeting in Yerevan at the office of the Association. Ms. Kiladjian was very impressed by the work done by the organization. Emphasizing the cooperation between two organizations, she found it expedient to present Lilit to the group and get firsthand information about the Association of healthcare and assistance to older people. They talked about the projects, in particular, the second phase of the training, health care for the elderly and the assessment tool – a questionnaire being developed by their association and the possibilities of its implementation. Lilit Muradyan gave a detailed information and kindly answered the questions of participants.

The second part of the meeting was dedicated to June 2022 reports. There were no specific questions regarding the reports. A more important issue was related to the financing of the third quarter, more precisely, the money transfer. The transfer, which was made almost three weeks ago, did not reach Hanganak’s account. The bank connected this with the sanctions against Russia, because of which the SWIFT system had failures. According to the information received from Artsakhbank, it had not operated for more than a month. However, in the last few days it has started operating through another intermediate bank, the details of which have already been submitted to the financial officer of AWWA. He withdrew the transferred money in order to carry out the transfer with the new bank requisites. They expressed hope that the money will reach the addressee in the next few days.

Other current issues were also discussed.