AWWA/Hanganak NGO Task Force April Meeting

The regular Task Force meeting of AWWA / Hanganak NGO took place via Zoom on April 22. The meeting was chaired by AWWA Board Member Margaret Kilajian. Ms. Kilajian has worked extensively with the Hanganak NGO’s financial team for several months to review, draft, and finalize the 2022 Elderly Project budget at the AWWA Board meeting.

The meeting began with a discussion of the political situation in Artsakh. Hanganak team underlined the fact that Artsakh people could never tolerate its further existence within Azerbaijan. To the question whether the beneficiaries of the organization are politically active, team members stated that the settlement of the Artsakh issue is a matter of their existence.

The agenda included a number of issues including the effectiveness and necessity of online clinical discussions of the medical staff of Hanganak NGO. Participants agreed to discuss more cases with mental health problems in the future, as the latter became more problematic, especially after the war.

With respect to mental health issues, the initiation of group psychological sessions was discussed. In April, Hanganak NGO and Empathy Mental Health Center signed a cooperation agreement, according to which the Center’s specialists would provide individual and group psychological services to the organization’s beneficiaries within the framework of the Elderly Program. This project is reflected in the 2022 Elderly Project as part of the services provided by Hanganak NGO.

The discussion continued with the analysis of March 2022 financial reports, in particular the need to provide more detailed data on drug costs in the reports. The team promised to add data in the upcoming April report, despite the extensive work.

Furthermore, the future plans of the organization, the situation with Covid-19, the latest updates related to the Aurora Foundation grant, and a number of other current issues were discussed.