AWWA/Hanganak NGO Task Force October Meeting

On October 29, a regular AWWA/Hanganak NGO Task Force meeting was held via Zoom. The meeting was chaired by Margaret Kiladjian, an AWWA Board member. The participants of the meeting were JoAnn Janjigian, an AWWA Board member, Nancy Barsamian, responsible for clinical part of the Elderly Project, and Gohar Hovhannisyan, the president of Hanganak NGO. As the Task Force September meeting didn’t take place, the agenda included multiple issues considering that the priorities of 2023 were discussed as well.

Margaret Kiladjian first greeted everyone and immediately turned to financial issues, which have become the main topic of discussions in recent months. It was decided that the transfer of funds for the fourth quarter will be done in November. The issue of heating compensation for the months of November-December 2022 will be discussed at the upcoming AWWA Board Meeting.

At the meeting, it was also noted that for the certain categories of the RFP 2023, it is planned to apply to the NKR government for state sponsorship. During 2022, a number of meetings and discussions took place in this regard, the NKR State Minister proposed to submit a proposal in November 2022 for consideration in the state budget for 2023.

Gohar Hovhannisyan presented the main goals, priorities and objectives of the Elderly Project for 2023. Basically, they have not changed compared to previous years, however, in order to overcome the financial difficulties that have arisen the organization is looking for new sources of funding.

Regarding to the clinical part, Nancy Barsamian presented her recommendations: it is necessary to continue trainings for the medical staff.  Special attention should be paid to disease prevention among beneficiaries. For this purpose, health assessment guidelines for geriatric patients should be applied.  As a result of the trainings, these guidelines will become their main working tool.

Other current issues were also discussed.