Beneficiaries of Hanganak have been provided with another humanitarian assistance since early March

It has already become a tradition to receive support from humanitarian organizations. This time, Hanganak received about 8 tons of humanitarian aid for its 320 beneficiaries. Assistance is provided in two separate boxes: the larger one contains food weighing approximately 16 kg, the smaller one contains hygiene items.

Over the past month, a telephone survey was conducted among the beneficiaries to clarify their priority needs and opinions regarding the humanitarian assistance provided earlier in January. Based on the results of the survey, the amount and range of the assistance currently being provided has been compiled.

Since March 3, Hanganak beneficiaries have been actively visiting the organization’s office to receive much-needed assistance. The beneficiaries from Stepanakert come to the office mostly on their own, as they know that delivery has become problematic due to the lack of fuel. However, for the bedridden and disabled, the assistance is delivered through the social workers and nurses.

So far, more than 65% of beneficiaries have received the humanitarian assistance. A visit to Askeran is planned in the coming week to deliver the assistance to the beneficiaries of the region. To organize Askeran’s visit, Hanganak has applied to the relevant structures for fuel. Upcoming news will be dedicated to Askeran’s visit. Follow us and stay up to date on Hanganak activities under the blockade.

If you live in Artsakh, you are alone and need help, the doors of Hanganak are always open to you.