Beneficiary psychological consultation as a priority of Hanganak. The issue was discussed at the last AWWA-ANRC Hanganak Task Force Meeting

On August 6, the regular AWWA-ANRC Hanganak Task Force Meeting on Zoom platform took place. The meeting was attended by the officials of A.W.W.A and Hanganak NGO. A pleasant surprise was waiting for everyone: Jolin Saryan was introduced to the participants, who is an A.W.W.A supporter. She is going to move to Armenia in September and work here. Her main mission is to cooperate with non-governmental organizations. In this regard, her cooperation with Hanganak will be highly desirable and beneficial. Jolin will attend several meetings to understand the organization’s goals and challenges.

Discussions began with the presentation of the work performed. Taking into account that the first test parcel arrived safely with a glucometer and strips, the second parcel was sent. The next parcel containing another 5 glucometers and 7 pulse oximeters will be sent in the coming week.

The issue of further management of used syringes as medical waste by 5 insulin-dependent patients was also discussed. The procedure was clarified in detail. The syringes will be collected in plastic bottles after usage and will be delivered to the city polyclinic at the end of each month. Then they will be sent to an incinerator (garbage oven) belonging to the Anti-Tuberculosis Dispensary together with the hospital waste materials.

There has been a lot of talk in previous meetings about homeless beneficiaries seeking medical care. In addition to acquiring a real estate, meant to serve as a temporary residence, another possibility was also reviewed. That is the availability of a mobile medical unit, a van equipped with medical equipment serving the beneficiaries both in Stepanakert and in the regions. Discussions will continue in the office with Hanganak staff.

The change in the budget related to the rise in prices for medication and food was discussed again. New budget should be drafted by the end of August with a final estimate.

Psychological consultation has been on the table for a long time, but it became critical after the last war, when we faced the consultation need for both the displaced and the beneficiaries of Stepanakert. Eventually, a psychologist from “Empathy” psychological center was proposed. The scope of the services is yet to be discussed with the director of the center, ending up in a relevant contract signed between the Parties.

At the end, July report was discussed in detail, which was presented for the first time in a new quantitative format. It still needs some modifications to provide complete information.