Blockade: Day 17

On the 17th day of the blockade, we continued our visits to the beneficiaries’ homes to learn about their problems. However, before the visits, we passed by one of the city’s famous greengrocer’s, which is known as Radik’s greengrocer’s, where there was a huge line of people. We were told that that store somehow managed to deliver vegetables and fruit to Stepanakert. In order  to get a certain amount of food, everyone was given 2 kg of apples, 2 kg of onions, 3 carrots and beets, and 1 cabbage. It was a sight that is painful to look at.  It is unimaginable that this is happening to us and today…

Then we started our visits. Mrs. Nera often called Hanganak to find out when the medicines would be available, so we also took the necessary medicines with us. She greeted us warmly and invited us to the wood stove to warm up. When we inquired how she got the wood for the heating, she said that over the months she saved money from her pension and now the apartment was quite warm.  She also cooks her  meals on the stove, saving on gas.

When asked how she coped with the blockade, Mrs. Nera said that  psychologically it’s very difficult for her, but in terms of food she is now secure, she has vegetables, fruits, cereals. She even managed to buy some grapes for the New Year during  the blockade. She jokingly added that such is her nature, she always has her “reserves”, so she does not need anything at the moment. Like all women from Artsakh, she made jams, but she didn’t make canned food, because she doesn’t use them. At the end, Mrs Nera added that people living in Artsakh are resilient , we will withstand everything and will not leave our homeland.

When we visited Mrs. Laura, she was getting ready for tea. She was very happy when  saw that we also brought her blood pressure medicines. Mrs. Laura has been addicted to these medicines for several years now. Recently the doctor changed the medicine, she receives Noliprel bi forte, which completely regulates her blood pressure. Having health problems, Mrs. Laura strictly follows her diet. She pointed that canned food, vegetables and grains will be enough, she is more concerned about the political situation.

She just wants no more war: not to displace people again, and let them live in their own country.

Follow us and find out how our beneficiaries live in the blockaded  Artsakh.