Blockade: Day 25

We continue our visits to the beneficiaries. Today is the 25th day of the blockade. In the previous days, we saw that most of Hanganak’s beneficiaries have stored food, which will last them for a while. However, today we have witnessed an extremely depressing scene. The two beneficiaries we visited feed only on the mercy of neighbors and friends. Due to the lack of funding, they did not receive food in December, while it would have been enough for the whole month. On the other hand, they hoped for the assistance and did not try to buy anything in the first days of the blockade, when there was still enough food in the stores. To this was added the delay in pensions that they had not received before the blockade. And now they have money, but the stores are empty.

Today we first visited Juliet. She has a second disability group and has been a beneficiary of Hanganak for 17 years. Food that she received from Hanganak for a month was mostly enough for her, she bought only vegetables, fruit, bread and dairy with her pension. Last month, she, like all other beneficiaries, did not receive food assistance from Hanganak, and her pension was delayed, and now she has almost nothing stored. However, according to her, she has pickles, and at least there is bread in the stores, sometimes she buys meat and dairy. Then she reassured us, that she will not go hungry. Juliet expressed her gratitude to Hanganak that at least she is provided with the much-needed painkillers.

Then we visited Raya. She has been on the list of beneficiaries since the organization was founded. She showed us an empty refrigerator and noted with regret that since she did not receive the food for December because of the delay in funding, and she had no money to buy food, then it can be said that she had nothing. Today, she lives by the mercy of her friends and neighbors.

It was such a depressing scene. According to a preliminary agreement, the beneficiaries of Hanganak will be provided with food from January 9th. And before that, we should try to help the neediest beneficiaries of the organization.

Follow us and find out how our beneficiaries live in the blockaded Artsakh.