Blockade: Day 78

We continue to visit our beneficiaries. Very often they do not want to be on camera, they refuse to cover their problems, and they are reluctant to answer questions, noticing that we are writing down their answers. But generally, we can present an overview that is typical for almost all of our beneficiaries.

The entire population of Artsakh, which is under blockade, is going through difficult days, including the beneficiaries of Hanganak, who, at the end of their lives, have to go through such trial. And the most stressful experience is uncertainty about the future, which leads to psychological problems for them: severe depression and acute anxiety.

The first question we usually ask them during our visits is what they need, or if they have enough food or medicine. The only answer is: If there is peace, we will endure everything! And what really worries them is not the lack or absence of food or medicine, but the reality of the blockade, which makes them feel desperate and helpless.

In overall, especially after receiving humanitarian aid and support from Hanganak, it’s safe to say that they are provided with the necessary food and medicine. We have taken some photos that show that this is indeed the case. Many beneficiaries also have a supply of food that will be enough for a while.

Returning again to the issue of the physical and mental health of the beneficiaries, Hanganak has recorded high rates of morbidity and mortality over the past two months, which coincided with the blockade. New cases of arterial hypertension and diabetes have been registered; the course of hypertension worsened, and the number of complications of chronic diseases increased.  All this indicates that the constant stresses associated with the blockade, periodic power outages, interruptions in gas supply, and the threats of war, which are constantly heard in enemy rhetoric, cannot but affect the general state of people’s health. And the high mortality rates, which have more than tripled over the past two months, are no coincidence either.

Follow us and be aware of the challenges our beneficiaries are facing under the blockade.