Delicious Initiative from the Beneficiaries of Hanganak

Another working day brought a pleasant surprise. The beneficiaries came to the office on their own initiative and offered to make an Armenian gata together. It was a great idea, and the Hanganak duty team eagerly joined the gifted women. It’s worth noting that this is not the first time that the beneficiaries want to show off their culinary skills in the office. So far, by joint efforts, we have made Zhingyalov hats, Khashil and other national dishes many times. It’s nice to see that the traditions carry on.

Gata turned out to be very tasty. And fragrant tea from mountain flowers perfectly complemented the hospitality. It was decided to organize such treats more often. For example, organizing a cooking class once a week, which of course should end with a treat. All of them unanimously welcomed the initiative, we just have to determine the exact day of the week and the topics of the course.