Eduard A.

The interview took place in April 2021.

Eduard was born in 1951 in Baku to a working class family. There were 4 children growing up in the family: 1 boy and 3 girls.

In 1962 his father moved to Mets Tagher village of Hadrut region to his birthplace leaving the children and the wife. Later he remarried and had a son.

Eduard has an eight-year education. In Baku he worked as a driver.

Eduard himself ended up in the same village in 1988, when the Artsakh national liberation movement began: he came to his brother by father’s side.

Eduard participated in the first Artsakh war, was wounded in the head – he still has splinters in his head – for this reason, he suffers from severe headaches and often feels unwell.

He is not married. He worked as a cattle breeder in the village.

During the second Artsakh war, when the Turks were on the outskirts of the village, Eduard and his brother were forced to leave the village and somehow reach Stepanakert through the forests, but did not leave Stepanakert until the end.

Eduard now lives with his brother’s family in the student dormitory of Stepanakert State University. Since they are provided with one room and the family is large, Eduard has to spend the night in the room provided to the refugees in the Stepanakert nursing home

His brother is also a veteran of the first Artsakh war and has a 3rd group of disability. He has 4 minor children.

His pension is 58000 AMD, of which 9400 AMD as a single pensioner allowance, and 23400 AMD from the ICRC.

Eduard is Hanganak NGO beneficiary since March, 2021.