Eduard Ar.

The interview took place in August 2019.

Eduard was born in 1957 in Stepanakert, in the family of a worker. His father was a worker in various construction companies and his mother washed the dishes in the canteen of the textile factory, Gharmetakskombinat. They lived poorly. Soon, a misfortune happened, his father fell on a construction site and died at a very young age. His mother was pregnant with the second child. Eduard and his young sister were abandoned to the whims of fate with a young mother without any property. However, his father’s company built a one-room house for them and they started living there.

Eduard received his primary education at the boarding school No.6, and then he continued his education at the shift school No.1. He was drafted to the Soviet Army for compulsory military service in 1975. After completion in 1977, he started working in Stepanakert, in a construction factory called Baku Restoration Center. Restoration of Askeran fortress was his last job, then he moved to Russia in 1982 and married a Russian refugee from Baku in 1989. His wife had a boy from previous marriage; they lived together for 9 years and divorced without having any children.

Eduard decided to return to his motherland because of health problems. Meanwhile, he heard of his mother’s death and could return only on the 8th day of the funeral. He was left all alone in this dilapidated house, in a state of solitary confinement, without registration and work.

The generosity of his neighbors and his aunt saved his life. Eduard’s sister was also ill and socially insecure to be able to help him. Moreover, after his sister’s death, her two daughters did not allow Eduard to register in his paternal house to receive a disability benefit.

In 2014 Eduard got an ischemic stroke and recovered in the neurological department of Republican Medical Center.

He joined Hanganak in 2015 with his neighbor’s help. Life has changed for the better dramatically after joining Hanganak. The food is enough, the house is heated with wood that is partially compensated by the organization. He does not take any medication based on his physician’s advice. He does not participate in the corporate events because of health problems. He is very happy with his neighbors who back him with help all the time. Eduard is very grateful to Hanganak and the benefactors who secure his life.