Elderly people celebrate the Old New Year in the Hanganak office

Since 2004, every year at the end of December in the Hanganak office, the Christmas tree is decorated, and the New Year and Christmas holidays are celebrated. It has already become a tradition. And before the last war, the New Year celebration was held at the Shushi Cultural Center, accompanied by a concert of the folk instrumental ensemble. In recent years, the Christmas tree was still decorated, but there was no celebration. Every time something went wrong. This year, the Christmas tree was not decorated and, due to the lack of heating, even the office was closed for some time… It was a sad New Year because of the blockade.

On January 13, the 33rd day of the blockade, the work in the office is active; food distribution still continuous. The staff is also preparing for Askeran’s visit. No one even remembered that the Old New Year is traditionally celebrated on this day. To our surprise and delight, the beneficiaries decided to surprise the Hanganak team and come to the office with their cognac to celebrate the Old New Year.

Happy Old New Year, dear Artsakh people! May this year be a year of peace and victories! Be healthy, our dear beneficiaries! We promise that we will no longer break our traditions and will have the most luxurious Christmas tree and a rich table to celebrate all the coming New Years.