Eleonora A.

The interview took place in October 2018.

Meet Eleonora A.. She was born on December 13, 1948, in the village Harav, Askeran region. After graduating from secondary school in Harav, she continued her education at Stepanakert N2 high school. And then she entered Stepanakert Agricultural College, Department of accounting. At the age of 22, she got married and moved to Russia. Unfortunately, very soon her husband died suddenly. She lived with her sister’s family in Russia for a while. However, Laura’s mother got sick and she returned home to take care of her.

In 1995 Eleonora got married for the second time but she has not had any children. Her second husband, Sergey A., was Hanganak’s beneficiary since 2005. He had three sons who died in accidents within a couple of years. Sergey’s late wife passed away after their sons’ death. He worked as a clerk all his life.

“He was the kindest person in the world… How come the fate was so unfair to him…” she says. Sergey passed away in 2010 because of a stroke. After his death, Eleonora joined the organization.

She lived in her husband’s house. However, it was difficult to cover all the expenses with 43000 AMD pension. So, she sold the house and bought a one-room apartment.

She is not pleased with her health condition; her main health problem is diabetes. City Polyclinic provides her with antidiabetic drugs, while she gets the rest of needed medicine from Hanganak. A couple of years ago, she fell and broke her leg. She walks with crutches till now. Nevertheless, this does not prevent her from participating in all Hanganak’s events.

The flat is heated electrically. Hanganak NGO helps her to cover partially the expenses connected with electricity; the rest is covered by her younger sister.

“I met Hanganak right in time. This is my second home. I am very pleased with their support. Let them be prosperous and have a lot of sponsors for the good deeds”, she says.