Emma A.

The interview took place in November, 2019

Emma was born on September 28th, 1953 in Stepanakert, in a family of a worker. There were 5 children in the family: two boys and three girls. Emma was the fifth child. One of her brothers died at the age of five, the other one –at the age of 47. Her sisters are married and live in Stepanakert. Emma’s personal life was not so successful. She has never got married and lived with her parents in the parental house. Years later, after her parents’ death, she sold the house being unable to look after the big house and garden, repair or even heat it in winter and bought a two-room apartment where she lives now.

Emma left school N1 in 1971 and entered the evening accounting school. She worked in Stepanakert shoe-making factory in parallel. She worked in the factory up to 1989-90, when the factory was dissolved together with other local businesses and factories during Artsakh Independence War. Emma worked in the public hospital for 1995-2000 and changed her occupation for several times before her retirement in 2016.

Her monthly pension is 49,000 AMD. In addition, she receives 9,400 AMD as a lonely person.

Emma joined Hanganak in 2016. She takes part in all the events, film screenings and spiritual lessons.

Her health condition is average. She suffers from diabetes. She receives Exoderil, Valerian pills N50, Tempalgin from the organization.

The food provided by Hanganak is sufficient for the whole month. She uses electrical heating in winter. The bill is paid by the heat compensation amount and her pension.

Emma is thankful to all the benefactors who support them and improve their living conditions from overseas. She is grateful to Hanganak’s team who make their life more interesting and colorful day by day.