Esmiralda and Rudolf H.

The interview took place in July 2019.

Esmiralda was born in Stepanakert in 1934, Rudolf was born in 1939. Their father was the director of a printing house in Stepanakert, and mother worked as a master at Gharmetakskombinat. There were 4 children in the family, two boys and two girls. Esmiralda was the eldest child, Rudolf was the third one. Two of the children succeeded in personal life and lived happily with their own families. The youngest brother has died recently, at the age of 75, and their sister lives in Moscow.

After graduating from Stepanakert Secondary School # 3 in 1951, Esmiralda moved to Essentuki, Russia to her aunt’s place. She completed an accounting training there and started working at the bank as a chief cashier. Alongside her job, she was involved in sports participating in various volleyball competitions.

Graduating from Stepanakert Boarding School in 1956, Rudolf was hired as a driver at the Road Construction Organization. At the age of 25, Rudolf got married, though his marriage did not last long – they divorced when his wife was pregnant. Later, she moved to Bashkiria with her newborn baby. He neither remembers nor wants to talk about his wife, he does not have almost any connection with his daughter – he calls her once in a blue moon.

Esmiralda returned to Stepanakert in 1985 to take care of her ailing mother. Her mother died a year later in 1986. Ever since her mother’s death, Esmiralda and Rudolf have been living in their paternal house supporting each other.

At the age of 73, Rudolf became seriously ill, he got the first stroke, and the second one after a while. He is now moving with great difficulty the doctors had to cut his left thumb because of gangrene. He considers his health condition very poor because he suffers from diabetes. Hanganak provides some of his medication: 10 mg N30 Prestarium, 75 mg N30 Cardiomagnyl. Antidiabetic drugs are mainly obtained from polyclinics. His pension is 58,000 AMD.

Esmiralda has worked as a salesperson in a store prior to retirement. Currently her pension is 31,000 AMD. The International Red Cross provides an additional 24,000 AMD as an allowance.

Esmiralda’s health is also poor, she suffers from hypertension. She receives Nolipril Forte N30, Cardiomagnyl 75 mg N30 from Hanganak.

Esmiralda does not attend the polyclinic, whereas Hanganak’s physician visits her upon necessity.

The apartment is heated by an electric heater. The bill is paid from their pension and heating compensation they receive from Hanganak.

Their apartment is in disrepair; it was bombed repeatedly during the Artsakh movement.

Rudolf and Esmiralda Hovhannisyan have been beneficiaries of the organization since 2012. They remember with great joy the day Hanganak staff visited their place to study the living conditions and to include them in the organization if needed. This visit was a surprise for them as they have never complained about their lives despite all the hardships. Rudolf and Esmiralda Hovhannisyan were recommended by the Social Ministry where they were registered as single pensioners.

Their lives have become safer since joining Hanganak. Food provided by the organization lasts for one month, medicine is also sufficient. They are very grateful for the heating compensation as it would be impossible to heat the spacious apartment with their scarce pensions. They do not participate in the events because of their health condition.

They are very grateful to the benefactors, Hanganak team, their nurse Donara Mnatsakanyan for her care, and especially to Lina Grigoryan, who frequently calls and inquires about their health problems.

They wish health, happiness and prosperity to everyone to be able to help those in need.