Financial Assistance to the Beneficiaries of Hanganak NGO

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The Hanganak NGO has started providing the promised financial assistance to its beneficiaries starting from November. Over the past month, the organization’s staff has been able to locate almost 90% of the beneficiaries with all their contact information. This made it possible to carry out money transfers through the mediation of Artsakhbank to cardholders of the bank. Transfers to cardholders of other banks are carried out through online banking to the provided accounts. The beneficiaries who do not have bank cards will receive transfers through HayPost along with pensions.

Hanganak NGO continues its efforts to locate the rest 38 of beneficiaries, whose whereabouts have not yet been determined. If anyone has information about lonely elderly people forcibly displaced from Artsakh, please contact us by email or call the following numbers: 097 770900, 097 201125, 093 248087.