Food provision for August has been delayed; however, it is now available to Askeran beneficiaries

As we informed in previous reports, the food provision for August was delayed because of the lack of funding. The suppliers were informed about the temporary problems of Hanganak  and expressed their willingness to provide the necessary products to ensure the beneficiaries are cared. Most of the beneficiaries living in Stepanakert have already received their food and medicine. On September 13, a visit to Askeran was organized to deliver the medicine and food to the local beneficiaries.

Tatul Shekyan had informed Askeran’s beneficiaries and village heads about Hanganak’s visit in advance, so people had already gathered at Askeran’s office at 11 o’clock on September 13. Assistance was quickly arranged, as usual. People were very depressed and upset because of the new military aggression of Azerbaijan on the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia. The main concern of people was the threat of a new war, so all the talk was about it.

After finishing the work in Askeran, the team also visited Aygestan to provide food and medicine to two more beneficiaries. The village heads had already received the food provision for their villagers.

If you live in Artsakh, you are alone and need help, the doors of Hanganak are always open to you.