Food Provision for June Has Started with a Delay Due to the Blockade

As the situation has worsened due to the total blockade, the distribution of food among the beneficiaries of Hanganak for June has been postponed. At the beginning of the month the responsible persons of the organization, considering the shortage of food due to the blockade, tried to pre-order the necessary products available in stores.  However, the required quantity for a one-time purchase was not available, and it took long to determine which products were in stock and when they could be provided. It was possible to get butter, canned food of local production, and tea in two weeks, and the egg producer promised to provide them only after the delivery to military units. So, we had to wait another week.

Thus, the food distribution has started in the last week of June. Due to the lack of fuel, our nurses and social workers have delivered the food to the beneficiaries on foot. The social workers of the Elderly Home Care Center of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs   have also been involved in this activity. Some beneficiaries, as usual, come to the office for food and medicine themselves. As of today, more than 70% of the beneficiaries have already received their monthly food.

Another big challenge is to provide food to the beneficiaries of the Askeran region. Due to the ongoing fuel shortages, even public transport doesn’t work. Tatul Shekyan, responsible for the Askeran region, is taking measures to solve the problem in coming days. Upcoming news will be dedicated to Askeran’s visit.