Food Provision for October Continues

Hanganak has been providing food packages for October since last week. Considering that the distribution of a large amount of food provided by international organizations has just ended, it was decided to provide other foods such as chicken, eggs, butter, canned green peas to avoid a repetition. Hanganak follows the advice of nutritionists and prevails protein food in the package for the elderly in October.

As usual, the social workers of Hanganak and the Elderly Home Care Center of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs delivered the packages to the beneficiaries within 2-3 days. As of today, more than 70% of the beneficiaries have already received their monthly food, and some of them also received the required medicine and medical supplies.

Next week, a visit to Askeran is also planned to deliver food and medicine. Upcoming news will be dedicated to Askeran’s visit.

The camera captured the best moments of food distribution. Browse the photo gallery.