Food provision for the month of August has been delayed due to technical reasons

Since July, 2022, Hanganak has had problems, which, although, have not hindered the progress of the project. The money transferred for the third quarter did not reach Hanganak account; however, being a reliable partner and having great reputation among the people of Artsakh, the suppliers did not stop providing the beneficiaries with medicine and food. In addition, Hanganak NGO employees did not miss a single day of work although they have not received a salary for two months already.

The food provision for August was slightly delayed in the hope of solving the transfer issues soon. However, to this day, the transfer is delayed due to a number of objective and subjective reasons. Therefore, the distribution of food began last week.

Hanganak office is very busy these days. Beneficiaries visit the office to receive the package, social workers from the Home Service Center of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs come to pick the package and deliver it to the bedridden beneficiaries, and village heads of a number of villages in Askeran region come to receive the medicine and hygiene items for their elderly villagers. The staff of Hanganak welcomes the people, serves them and assures them that they will also receive the food for the month of September, immediately after receiving the funding.

The list of food for the month of August is as follows: a liter of vegetable oil, a box of tea, a kg of sugar, a packet of butter, a kg of rice and a kg of vermicelli.

A visit to Askeran is planned next week to deliver food and medicine. Our next news will be dedicated to Askeran’s visit.

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