Hanganak Beneficiaries Do not Have a Problem with Drinking Water

Another regular meeting of monthly online trainings for Hanganak staff took place on August 18, 2021. The training was conducted by A.W.W.A members: psychiatrist-gerontologist Dr. Jane Mahakyan and public health specialist Nancy Barsamyan.

The training started with the discussion of the most urgent issue – water supply failures in Stepanakert. The participants presented the problem and the measures taken by the government to solve the problem. Then they introduced the situation with disabled beneficiaries.

The possibility of dehydration among the beneficiaries was refused, as the amount of drinking water provided by the government is sufficient. However, there are standards for managing such cases and patients in case they are available.

Reconsidering the level of depression among beneficiaries, a number of ways to overcome depression were suggested: socialization, walks, exercising and other social activities should be initiated.

One of the nurses, Marsela Sargsyan introduced one of her beneficiaries, Angela A. Her health condition, treatment methods and effectiveness were discussed. Given the positive dynamics in her health condition, Angela’s treatment was assessed as adequate and effective.

At the end, Nancy Barsamyan gave a short lecture on skin assessment of the lower extremities of diabetic patients as an effective way to prevent one of the most common complications of diabetes – lower extremity gangrene.