Hanganak Beneficiaries Receive the Necessary Medicines in Full

In February, Hanganak ordered the necessary medicines for the second time and received the orders in full. There will be another order at the end of the month, including insulin syringes and diapers. In general, there is no shortage of medicines and medical supplies in Artsakh. In this regard, the role of the ICRC should be highlighted.

Today is the 73rd day of the blockade. The enemy side grossly violates the right of free mobility. Humanitarian organizations are making inhuman efforts to save 120,000 people from a humanitarian crisis. People are trying to cope with the situation, but the most vulnerable groups, especially the elderly, are very sensitive to constant stress. Power outages and rolling blackouts, gas supply disruptions, food shortages, the threat of war… All this negatively affects people’s health. Not coincidentally, the number of deaths among the beneficiaries of Hanganak has increased by 3-3.5 times over the past two months. Later we will turn to the statistics we have recorded. At this point, Hanganak is simply standing next to its 320 beneficiaries, trying to make their lives easier at this fateful moment for Artsakh.

Follow us and be aware of the challenges our beneficiaries are facing under the blockade.