Hanganak Continues Home Visits

As we have already informed in the previous publications, the Elderly Project has been launched in the Republic of Armenia since January. Needless to say, with what enthusiasm the medical staff of Hanganak treats their work. It is worth noting that the environment is unfamiliar not only to the beneficiaries but to the staff of Hanganak as well. The family members of the nurses have lent a helping hand by finding hard-to-reach addresses. And here we are together again, Hanganak with its beneficiaries. This empowers both sides: they need us, and we need them.

The visits are quite touching, with tears, longing, warmth, hope, and faith. The medical workers do their job: they measure the beneficiaries’ blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and saturation, and one of the nurses even keeps a scale and a measuring tape in her husband’s vehicle to calculate the beneficiaries’ body mass index. So, having their simple equipment, Hanganak’s medical staff conscientiously set to work. But this is a small part of the work they do. The most important is to have heart-to-heart talks with the beneficiaries which they have been waiting for.

Details of these warm visits are presented in the photo gallery.