Hanganak Continues Its Activities Under Blockade

At the end of May, Hanganak received state support in the amount of five million drams. It will be completely spent on meeting the basic needs of the beneficiaries. According to a preliminary agreement, governmental funds will be used from June to purchase and distribute food on a monthly basis.

During the blockade, Hanganak also continues to regularly provide medicines to the beneficiaries. Hanganak has ordered the necessary medicines for the third time this month. To date, the needs of beneficiaries for medicines have been largely satisfied. However, after the recent events, all types of humanitarian  transportation along  the Goris-Stepanakert road have been stopped for more than 7 days, even the transportation of seriously ill patients to Yerevan has been stopped. Due to the complete blockage of the corridor, pharmacies lack a number of necessary medicines.

Negotiations between the Russian peacekeepers and the Azerbaijani side continue.