Hanganak continues medicines provision under the blockade

The daily routine of Hanganak has been very active in recent days. After receiving delayed funding, Hanganak immediately started to provide the medicines. On December 26, the ICRC delivered 10 tons of cargo to Stepanakert, which was mainly consisted of baby formula and medicine. Fortunately, this coincided with the funding and Hanganak was able to get the necessary medicines and medical supplies, but not in large amounts.

Medicines were purchased for 132 beneficiaries of Stepanakert and 12 beneficiaries of Askeran region. Medicines have already been mainly provided to the beneficiaries of Stepanakert, and 3 beneficiaries from Askeran region visited the Hanganak office in Stepanakert and personally received their medicines. Tatul Shekyan will distribute medicines to the remaining 9 beneficiaries in coming days. Medicines were provided in a 10-day dosage for equal distribution among the beneficiaries.

The next order will be in early January 2023, depending on the availability of the medicine. Everyone is looking forward to opening the road of life.

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