Hanganak continues providing beneficiaries with food in September

Hanganak NGO has been providing monthly food since September. Active beneficiaries prefer visiting the office and getting the food and prescribed medications themselves. They are also examined as usual, when they visit the office.

The food is delivered with the joint efforts of Hanganak’s staff and employees of Home Care Service for the Elderly of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Republic of Artsakh. As of Monday, 70% of planned deliveries were done.

September 2021 products were ordered similarly to September 2020 basket to understand the inflation of products in Artsakh, which will help to make the 2022 budget estimates.

Levon G. displaced from Hadrut, asked the Human Rights Defender of Artsakh for a TV during the meeting. He received the promised TV along with his monthly food and medicine.

Tatul Shekyan provided food to the beneficiaries of Askeran region. He organized also the delivery of medication.

Some of the beneficiaries of Askeran region also prefer visiting the office to be examined, to get the food and medicine, and have fun with the staff of the organization.

If you live in Artsakh, you are alone and need help, the doors of Hanaganak are always open for you.