Hanganak Continuous to Provide Humanitarian Assistance to the Beneficiaries

On January 17, Hanganak again received humanitarian aid for its 320 beneficiaries, this time hygiene items. The prolonged blockade has also led to an acute need for consumable items, which could not but affect everyday life, and indirectly on the health and the normal life of people. Therefore, this support is much needed and timely.

Having received substantial humanitarian aid in the morning, Hanganak immediately started to inform the beneficiaries that they can already visit the office to receive hygiene items. The shortage of fuel made home delivery difficult. It is carried out only for housebound beneficiaries.

On January 18, a visit to Askeran is planned to provide humanitarian aid and medicines.

It should be noted that pharmacies again received a limited amount of medicines, and in 2023 Hanganak purchased the first batch of medicines for the first time.

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