Hanganak employees visited the housebound beneficiary

Visiting Volodya B. He has been suffering from diabetes mellitus for many years. The disease is complicated by vision problems, due to which Volodya now is housebound. He has been a beneficiary of Hanganak NGO since 2007. He is under the care of social workers and the nurse Elza Nersisyan. Elza organizes Volodya’s medical care. Every month she gets his anti-diabetic medication provided by the polyclinic, as well as all the prescribed medicines such as eye drops, anti-inflammatory and hypotensives from “Hanganak” and delivers to him on time.

Considering that Volodya finds it difficult to visit the city polyclinic, today the Project Coordinator Lina Grigoryan, nurse Elza and social worker Arevik visited Volodya, measured his blood glucose level, blood pressure, pulse and oxygen saturation. The data was recorded in his personal record to present to the physician.

It is planned to organize a full examination and blood tests of Volodya at home in the coming days, inviting the polyclinic laboratory mobile service.

Health to Volodya.