Hanganak Has Resumed the Provision of Medicines

Since early January, the medical staff of Hanganak have been conducting home visits to record the medication needs of beneficiaries according to the doctor’s prescriptions. In just two weeks, the entire medicine requirement was recorded, and on January 24th, Hanganak placed the first order under new conditions.

As Hanganak did not have its own office yet, we used the address of a temporarily sheltered partner’s office as the delivery address. Two of our beneficiaries were invited to receive medical care and services at this address as well. The clinic was established specifically to provide medical care to resettled Syrian Armenians. It has been in operation for over a decade, primarily catering to the healthcare needs of Syrian Armenians. However, following the events of September, the clinic has opened its doors to forcibly displaced people from Artsakh.

Dr. Taragchyan warmly welcomed the beneficiaries of Hanganak and took their medical histories. He then conducted medical examinations and provided them with the necessary medications.

At the end, one of the beneficiaries – tikin Elmira received a surprise gift. The Center for Coordination of  Syrian Armenians’ Issues (CCSAI) NGO, located on the first floor of the clinic, gave her a coat.

Hanganak’s medical staff arrived on time to receive medicine for the elderly. Despite the snowy weather, most of the beneficiaries received medicines and medical supplies on the same day. In a few days, all the beneficiaries who have found housing in Yerevan will receive their medication.

On Friday, we plan to travel to Ararat Marz to arrange the delivery of medicine and food. The responsible nurse for Ararat Marz is Marcela Sargsyan.

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