Hanganak has started food provision and heating compensation for March

The food ordered for March last week was finally delivered to the office. The production of “Voske Katil” domestic vegetable oil was stopped due to the gas supply failure, so it had to be purchased from Armenia. In addition, the roads were impassable, which affected the transportation of food and delivery.

Food provision and heating compensation are done simultaneously. By attending the office, the beneficiaries receive monthly food and heating compensation. Some beneficiaries also receive prescribed medicine.

The food package follows a certain objective this month that aims at supporting protein level, thus the products supplied are chicken from the local producer, buckwheat, rice, vermicelli, tea and sugar.

During the first 2-3 days of food delivery, the organization’s work is usually very tense. Beneficiaries visit the office, social workers of the Home Care Center for the Elderly and Hanganak deliver food to the physically weak beneficiaries. The village heads from some Askeran region come and take the packages for their elderly fellow villagers. However, the office was relatively quiet today due to heavy snow and impassable roads. It is planned to deliver food to Askeran region after the weather improves.

The weather is still cold and snowy. The snow cover exceeds 80 cm in Stepanakert, and gas and electricity supply is irregular. The humanitarian crisis planned and implemented by the enemy continues to be fatal.

If you live in Artsakh, you are alone and need help, the doors of Hanaganak are always open for you.