Hanganak has started food provision for April

Hanganak NGO has been busy for the week. The social workers at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs’ Elderly Home Care Center and the staff are very busy these days. They try to deliver the food to the beneficiaries as soon as possible. In addition to the staff, the most active beneficiaries also visit the office to receive the food and medicine in person.

The weather is already quite warm and the organization’s office is usually crowded. It is especially crowded on food delivery days. Psychological services were launched a few days ago and the beneficiaries expressed a desire to organize frequent meetings. As the pandemic situation improved, it was decided to resume weekly film screenings and spiritual classes. The elderly do not rush to leave the office, they seek communication, talks and fun with each other, discussions. These days, everyone is interested in the tense situation in Armenia, everyone is actively discussing the latest developments and expressing hope for a government change.

The heads of some villages in the Askeran region also visit the office to receive the food for their elderly fellow villagers. The delivery of food to the region is planned during the week.

The week has been eventful. Contracts have been signed, long-awaited meetings have been held and the provision of food has completed the series of events.

If you live in Artsakh, you are alone and need help, the doors of Hanaganak are always open for you.