Hanganak has started food provision for May

In March, Hanganak received almost 8 tons of humanitarian aid for its 320 beneficiaries, which was enough for them for the next two months. And even in May, the beneficiaries have not yet run out of the received grain, vegetable oil and other food products. This is the reason that Hanganak, having received the next funding from AWWA in early May, decided to provide the beneficiaries with the food that was not included in the humanitarian aid. In particular, there was an obvious need for high-protein food.

So, food provision has been started in May 19. As usual, the social workers of Hanganak and the Elderly Home Care Center of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs delivered the parcels to the beneficiaries in a few days. The rest of the beneficiaries preferred to receive their parcels from the office of Hanganak, which made it possible for medical workers to conduct regular medical examination and assess their health conditions. Medicines were also distributed along with food. The serving pharmacy was basically able to meet the needs of the beneficiaries for medicines.

So far, more than 75% of beneficiaries have received the humanitarian assistance. On Monday, a visit to the Askeran region was organized to deliver the aid to the local beneficiaries. Upcoming news will be dedicated to Askeran’s visit.

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