Hanganak has started regular monthly food provisions to beneficiaries

Hanganak NGO has been providing food for August for several days now. Food provision is mainly done by medical and social workers. However, a lot of beneficiaries prefer visiting the office and getting their food and prescribed medicine themselves.

They are being examined every time they visit the office. A new form of personal card was developed last month that records health data of beneficiaries who visit the office, including both weight and height, and determines body mass index (BMI) to detect excess weight. Blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation and glucose levels are mandatory tests, especially in patients with diabetes. These health assessment tools are used for early detection and treatment of health problems in beneficiaries. ECG test is performed in case of complaints.

Beneficiaries visit the office not only for medical check-ups but for communication as well. They do not hide the fact that they need socialization and do not miss an opportunity to meet Hanganak’s friendly staff.

The food is provided to the beneficiaries of Askeran region with the help of Tatul Shekyan. He arranges the delivery of medicine, too. Some of the beneficiaries from Askeran prefer visiting the office themselves in order to get examined, to receive food and medicine, as well as to have some fun with Lina Grigoryan and other staff members.

If you live in Artsakh, you are alone and need some help, the doors of Hanganak are always open for you.