Hanganak has started working with new report forms

At the beginning of September, the regular monthly meeting of Hanganak NGO took place. The nurses and social workers presented their reports in newly developed forms. The physician and program coordinator’s reports remained unchanged, except for the data provided by nurses.

The work in the office became more active in August. All the beneficiaries underwent anthropometric measurements. Whole body mass indexes (BMI) were determined. Home visits have also increased. The nurses examine the beneficiaries in detail and record the results in a newly developed form. Thus, by introducing the beneficiaries, the medical workers describe in detail the results of their measurements in addition to giving a qualitative assessment of the person. This allows the doctor to make accurate conclusions about the health status of the beneficiaries. The services provided by the medical staff of the organization have reached a new level.

No new cases of Covid and death were reported in August. There were no changes observed in the health status of the 34 beneficiaries served by social workers.

At the end of the meeting, Hanganak staff celebrated the Independence Day of Artsakh and took a joint photograph in front of Hanganak office wearing the silk scarves sent by Joan Janjigyan as a gift.