Hanganak Made a Visit to Hrazdan and Nearby Villages

During our recent visit to the Kotayk marz, we had the opportunity to meet with eight beneficiaries from Abovyan town and nearby villages. Our next planned destination was Hrazdan. It is worth noting that the data we collected is subject to change as the beneficiaries have not yet decided on a permanent residence. They frequently switch between rental apartments or temporary housing, more than one might anticipate. Some of those who had left for Russia have returned, while others are planning to leave, but they are uncertain whether they will stay permanently or not. Furthermore, some beneficiaries who were settled in boarding homes have been taken in by their relatives.

The only thing that is clear and works smoothly is our connection with the beneficiaries. All the beneficiaries were informed about the arrival of the Hanganak team, and they were eagerly looking forward to the meeting. Seven of our beneficiaries live in Hrazdan, while the other seven are in villages located in the same direction, but not exactly nearby. At 10 a.m., the Hanganak team set off for Hrazdan, where Tatul and Anush Shekyan, the medical workers responsible for the Kotayk marz, warmly welcomed them. We were able to meet with all 14 beneficiaries on that day. The team returned to Yerevan late at night, around 10 pm, but everyone was pleased with the excellent work done.

During the visit, the team provided food and medicine and conducted medical check-ups and consultations. Anush Shekyan and project coordinator Lina Grigoryan conducted a survey to assess the needs of beneficiaries. For the beneficiaries who required special attention, a plan for further disease management and a schedule for monitoring health indicators were developed.

Most of our beneficiaries are currently living in rented accommodations. One of our beneficiaries lives in the Gazprom building located in the village of Arzakan. She informed us that under the patronage of Karen Karapetyan (ex-Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, 2016-2018), hundreds of Artsakh residents were provided with shelter. In addition to comfortable accommodation, they are also provided with daily hot meals. However, this is temporary and is provided until March 1st . Another beneficiary has found temporary shelter in the Shoghik camp, where dozens of Artsakh residents are living. This housing is being provided by the municipality and is also available until March 1st . Three of our beneficiaries have found rented accommodations in Charentsavan, while one is living in the Meghradzor village.

The visit created an overall impression of widespread grief, social difficulties, uncertainty, and a grim reality.

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