Hanganak Made a Visit to the Kotayk Marz

Hanganak has 28 beneficiaries in the Kotayk marz. During our recent visit, we were able to meet with 8 of these beneficiaries. We started our trip in Kasakh village and completed it in Lusakert. We met 4 out of 6 beneficiaries living in Abovyan, one more beneficiary lives in the village of Verin Ptghni, and two in Lusakert. All the beneficiaries we met live in rented accommodations, and their living conditions are generally satisfactory. Most of our beneficiaries live with their relatives’ families. Out of eight beneficiaries we met, five have hypertension, and Hanganak has provided them with the necessary medicines. During the visit, we also found out that all beneficiaries are registered in local polyclinics, and those living in rural areas are registered in rural outpatient clinics. If they need to have a medical check-up, they should apply to the Abovyan polyclinic with a referral.

We regret to inform you that there was a delay in providing the food to our beneficiaries for January. However, in the coming days, the nurse responsible for the Kotayk marz, Anush Shekyan, will distribute food and medicine to the remaining 20 beneficiaries. It is worth noting that our 13 beneficiaries live in Hrazdan town and three nearby villages. We have planned to visit Hrazdan town on our next visit to the Kotayk marz.

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