“Hanganak” NGO beneficiary returned to Stepanakert from Russia

Today we have had a surprise. One of our beneficiaries, Lusy A., has returned from the Russian Federation. Lucy was born in 1941 in Stepanakert. She has been a beneficiary of the Hanganak clinic for about two years. Lusy is a nurse and worked for many years in the reception of Stepanakert City Polyclinic.

During the recent war she moved to Russia to her relatives. She has not been able to return until now due to health problems. It has been a week since she returned to Stepanakert, and today she visited Hanganak for consultation.

Dr. Lilya Seyranyan examined her, gave advice and prescribed medicines. Lusy A. suffers from hypertension and heart failure. From the Hanganak clinic she gets Concor 5 mg N 30, Cardiomagnil N30, while some other medicines are provided by the City Polyclinic. In the coming days she will visit the polyclinic for some blood tests and further examination.