Hanganak Overcomes New Challenges

The monthly coordination meeting of Hanganak took place on June 18. The medical staff of the organization presented their monthly reports during the meeting and were assigned new tasks based on the current situation. They also provided updates on beneficiaries requiring special attention. Approximately 25 percent of the beneficiaries were identified as needing special care and services.

The recent needs assessment has revealed that only 65 percent of the beneficiaries are registered at the district polyclinics. Since the launch of the Elderly Project, one of the organization’s main priorities has been to ensure that all beneficiaries are registered at the district polyclinics that serve them. This initiative aims to enable the beneficiaries to access the provided services to the fullest extent. Consequently, the medical workers at Hanganak have been instructed to assist in the registration of all beneficiaries who have not been previously registered.

As of now, there are 241 beneficiaries benefitting from Hanganak services, of which 195 receive medical and social services, as well as food and medicine. Additionally, 46 beneficiaries residing in remote areas are receiving financial compensation.

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