Hanganak provided food to the beneficiaries of Askeran region for November

On November 25, the team of Hanganak visited Askeran to provide food and medicine. The provision of food to Stepanakert beneficiaries had already started since last week. When most of the beneficiaries had already received their  food packages and the  office work was considerably reduced, the  team was already ready to leave for Askeran.

This time, the visit was organized in the second half of the day, when the sun was about to set. Although the weather was warm during the day, by the evening the breath of winter was felt in the air. So, the beneficiaries came to receive their parcels warmly dressed. As always, the heads of Noragyugh and Patara were already there.

In Noragyugh, Hanganak serves 6 beneficiaries, two of whom frequently visit the Hanganak office and usually receive food assistance personally. For the remaining 4 beneficiaries, the head of Noragyugh receives the assistance. The gathered beneficiaries readily let the heads of villages  out of turn for the parcels, because they still had to get to their communities.

In Askeran, 13 beneficiaries received food and medicine,  assistance for 6 beneficiaries was sent by the village heads. After finishing the work in Askeran, the team also visited Aygestan to provide food and medicine to two more beneficiaries.

It was decided that during the winter months, it is desirable to visit Askeran in the first half of the day, because it is already cold enough in the second half of the day.

If you live in Artsakh, you are alone and need help, the doors of Hanganak are always open for you.