Hanganak Provides Food Assistance for February

It′s already the third day Hanganak has been distributing monthly food assistance for February among the beneficiaries. Taking into consideration that the humanitarian aid received in January was quite extensive and contained a large amount of food, including cereals, pasta, rice, flour and oil, it was decided to add protein products to that list. Therefore, the order included poultry meat, which was provided by a local producer.

In addition, through the mediation of the Ministry of Social Development and Migration of the Republic of Artsakh, with the permission of the Village and Agricultural Support Fund of the Republic of Artsakh, canned tomatoes and jam were purchased from the local “Artsakhfruit” CJSC. For the residents of Artsakh, who are under blockade, the specified products are vitally necessary.

In the first three days, more than 60% of beneficiaries received food, mainly the beneficiaries of Stepanakert. As for the Askeran region, the distribution of food and medicine among the beneficiaries of the organization will be carried out next week.

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