Hanganak Provides Medicines to More Beneficiaries

Since March, the Elderly project has been providing essential services to more beneficiaries. The organization has expanded its reach to include an additional 21 beneficiaries in the Lori region. Although there was a slight delay in ordering medicines last month, they were promptly ordered for Yerevan and all the regions covered under the project, which include Ararat, Armavir, Kotayk, and now Lori.

An order for the required medications was placed on March 20th and was delivered to the office on the following day. On that day, the office was quite busy with medical workers inviting the most active beneficiaries to the office to receive their prescribed medications. The remaining beneficiaries received their medications in their homes in the afternoon and on the following days. During these visits, regular medical examinations were also conducted.

Overall, out of 242 beneficiaries, 47 are currently receiving financial assistance. Among the remaining 195 beneficiaries, 184 are in need of medication. It’s important to note that under this project, our team of eight medical workers ensures the prompt delivery of medicines to beneficiaries located in distant areas within a few days.

“I am extremely grateful to have Marcela as my nurse. She always checks in on me to inquire about my well-being and ensures that I receive my medications on time,” says Tikin Anya, a beneficiary of the project. “Despite her busy schedule, she always makes time to have a conversation with me. Even when she has to return to Artashat, she prepares tea for us, and we sit and recall our hometown Stepanakert.”

The distribution of the medicine for March among the beneficiaries has already been completed. Hanganak has started the delivery of food.