Hanganak started food provision for July

Monthly food is usually provided in the second half of each month. Hanganak clinic is crowded in those days. Many of the beneficiaries who are active and like to go to the office prefer to get food from the office themselves, which is an additional opportunity to meet nice people, talk and share their thoughts about the general disaster that has befallen the country.

Today Slavik Petrosyan had a pleasant surprise in Hanganak. Aida Madatyan also came to get food. Both of them were beneficiaries of the Shushi project, who were displaced from their hometown and recently found shelter in various hotels in Stepanakert. Their meeting was very warm. They could not find words to say to each other out of excitement, even though there was so much to say…

In addition to food, the necessary medicines are also provided. Today, along with the medicine, Aida received a tonometer, for which she was very grateful. She left all her personal belongings and years of earnings in Shushi. And having high blood pressure, she desperately needed a personal tonometer, which was provided by the organization.

The food supply will continue for a few more days, and the food for Askeran beneficiaries will be delivered through mayors of villages and Askeran project paramedic Tatul Sheqyan.